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Why should I build up my Turf (Upgrade Buildings)?


Mansion is a base for you to build your forces. Building up your Mansion is the most fundamental way to increase your power.

All features available to the Mansion (including the upgrade option) can be seen by clicking on the Mansion. 

Within the upgrade option are the building’s requirement as well as the resources requirements. Meet those requirements and you’ll be able to upgrade the building.
To build a new building, just click on an empty plot. You can arrange the location and number of building in accordance to your own preference.
Greenish plots are undeveloped plots, by attacking the forces there and give them what they want, you’ll be able to unlock new plots for more buildings.

As the building’s level increases, so will the efficiency of its function. 
For example, upgrading a Hospital can increase the capacity for wounded, while upgrading Clubs will increase the amount of crews to be trained and the training speed.
One of the Ranking list in the Ranking system is Mansion Level. Upgrading buildings can also increase Power. My dear leaders,hurry up and start upgrading your building and increase your power.

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