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Why must we join a clan?


Mafia has never been about a man fight for his own, only with the collective strength provided by brothers will one be able to survive and hold your own within the city.

Click on the 'Clan' option at the lower right corner of the main interface to enter clan interface, if you are not part of a clan you can either choose to create your own clan or join a clan.

One more thing, for those that are joining a clan for the first time, there is a 200  gold reward waiting for you.

All kinds of clans related management information can be seen on the clan interface.

For example, on the 'Clan Battle' interface page players can offer help to clan members that are being targeted for attack or joining a raid against an enemy.

Within the “Management” option a clan’s social messaging app can be set, by joining the clan’s chat group on FB/LINE/Whatsapp/Wechat better communication and clan unity can be achieved.

The 'Clan Property & Donation' interface is where resources can be donated to improve clan property and buffs available.

Within the 'Clan Store', a clan’s R4 and R5 members can use the Clan Points (which belongs to the clan) to purchase items from 'Item list' and add it to the 'Store'. 

Where clan members can use their Clan Honor to purchase items like advance teleport, speedup items, etc. and add it into their won 'Items'.

Don’t forget to ask your clan’s R4 to restock item when there is not enough in the Clan Store.

By donating and participating in clan event, members will be able to gain both clan Point and Clan Honor. 

As you can see, the more you donate and more active you participate in clan event, the more Clan Honor and Points you will have!

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