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Resource's classification and Robbing skills


Provision moves before troops can be mobilized, the same can be said with Mafias.
Therefore, gaining various resources is the most crucial knowledge of development in Mafia.
At the very top of the main interface page displays each resources amount such as Cargo, Cash, Arms, Metal and Gold.

Various resource buildings that produce resources, are located in the area just outside the Mansion’s Wall.
Cargo Hub is a building that produces and stores cargo
Counterfeiter is a building that produces and stores cash
Ammu-Nation is a building that produces and stores Arms

Smelter is a building that produces and stores metal

Upgrading these buildings can increase their productions, each building can only store up to 10 hours of production. 
Revered boss, don’t forget to collect them every once in a while.

Resources are divided into 3 kinds: Safe Resource, Vault Protect Resource and Non-safe Resource Only purchased resources can be considered safe resources. 
Safe resources cannot be detected or robbed. 

The Vault building is capable of protecting a certain amount of resources; this portion of the resource can still be detected but cannot be robbed or consumed by your crews.

Crews will consume Non-safe cash as Upkeep; the consumption amount can be seen at the crew’s detail page or the board by the gate.

Many of these buildings are also located all over the city map. By clicking on the Occupy icon you will be to rob those resources.

Other than the properties in the Invest Center and leader’s skill that can be activate, you can also use the Increase Robbing speed item to increase the speed of robbing.
The resources on the map are distributed in accordance to the map’s layering, the closer to the city’s center the higher the resources level is.

Bosses that desire to develop their clans faster can first have their clan leader teleport to an ideal location and later have the other clan members use the clan teleport item to teleport next to their clan leader. 
Clan within the area of high leveled resource will be able to grow stronger!

At the Black Market resources can be directly traded, each day a certain amount of free trades will be available (usage of wine can increase the number of free trades). 
Once the free trade counts has been used up, gold will be required in order to trade for more resources.

At the smuggler, players can exchange gold for resources or use resource to exchange for another kind of resources.

As you accumulate resources, you must not forget to protect your mansion from other leader’s attack.

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