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Ghost Rider Crime Ops Adjusting Notice


Revered Leaders:

Due to the display issue with the “Easter Ghost Rider Crime Ops (Permanent)”, many leaders have experience some abnormity that cause bad in-game experience for them. As such we have decided to optimize and adjust the Crime Ops Effect. Since the changes were done suddenly, which might cause bad experience on leaders’ participation on the recharge event, we have decided to offer the following compensation to the Leader that have “Cumulatively Recharged up to 300K Gold” during the event:

1.       The “Easter Ghost Rider Crime Ops (Permanent)” will be adjusted into a whole new Permanent Crime Ops effect

2.       Gifting a whole new Crime Ops effect (Permanent) which will be released in May  

3.       30% Attack Bonus*3+30% Defense Bonus*3 +1000 SVIP Point+3000 Godfather’s Coin+3000 Roadster Club (Normal) Point

Due to the sudden change, Secretary would like to offer our most sincere apology as well as ask for your understanding. Also we will be sure to be more careful with the features of our decorations in the future and avoid similar issues from occurring!

Mafia City Studio


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