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Why are we not able to login, crash and stuck?


Revered Leaders:
We deeply apologize for the inconvenience brought to you due to our game's imperfection and network error, Kindly try out the following tips:
1. Double click on the home button, and close all unused programs to free up some memory.
2. Reboot the device, then access the game.
3. Update your ios / android version, Settings> General> Software updates and check for new software update to begin updating.
4. Check your device's storage space to see if there's enough space. Insufficient space can also result in crash, slow and etc. Enter Setting>Usage>Storage Space to check your current space and delete unnecessary app, video and other large capacity files
5. Check if your Internet is stable (preferably wifi, 3G or 4G). You can reset you network setting by using the device's flight mode.
6. If unable to log in, it is due to server maintenance, then all will return to normal once the maintenance has ended.

At the same time we will speed up our repair and optimization within the game.

Thanks for the support

Mafia City Studio
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