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Classified Document 2-Answer For Reward


---- The previously obtained Classified Document which was given you boss by Grace was successfully cracked, but Classified Document Folder 1 only contains a portion of the hidden Intel. Since Boss has managed to crack the first folder, Grace believes that you will also be able to crack the second one as well.

----The time to dominate is NOW!

---- Event Ending Time: City Time 23:59:59 05-12

----Event Content: Current Event contains 10 questions in total, at the end of the event all participating leaders will receive ☆【100 Gold】 and an 【additional reward】☆will be rewarded to 20 of the participant that answered all questions correctly.

-----Event Reward: 100 Gold (Participation Reward), 8-Hour Speedup*2 (All Correct Reward*20 leaders only)

The critical info of this folder will be posted along with the 20 Leaders that will gain the additional reward at the end of the event, on Fb. Hope you all have a wonderful time!

Check your mail in game→Mafia City Studio and go to check the url to answer for reward.

Mafia City Studio

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