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Oshima Cherry Festival Has Started


Oshima Cherry Festival Has Started

1. During the event, Photos can be randomly added to the Album by consuming "Ordinary Filmstrip", the Album can store at most 9 Photos.

2. A Surprise Reward can be obtained when the Photos within the Album are aligned in 1 Line, 2 Lines and 3 Lines.

3. During the event, the arrangement of the Photos can be reset by consuming certain amount of "Golden Filmstrip"; when the Album contains 7 or lesser Photos, then only a small amount of the "Golden Filmstrip will be consumed to reset the Album and Add the same amount of Photos; when the Album contains more than 7 Photos, then more "Golden Filmstrip" will be required to reset the Album as well as Add 7 Photos.

4. During the event, "Ordinary Filmstrip" can be gained by completing Individual Objective while the "Golden Filmstrip" can be obtained by completing Clan Objective or by purchasing Oshima Cherry Pack.

5. During the event, players can reset the Individual Objective's Task Status and progress by using “Golden Filmstrip", thus allowing them to continuously complete Individual Objective to obtain "Ordinary Filmstrip".

6. Resetting Album will not affect the status of completed Task.

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