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June Recharge Madness Has Arrived! Only For 7 Days!


The festival FIFA World Cup held every 4 year will soon begin once more, and hosted in Russia. Even Mafia City has began preparation for the festivity, in which loads of rewards and gift will be available.

Whole new[Tsar`s Grand Palace(permanent)],[Wondrous Palace Avatar Frame (permanent)]can be obtained from the current event!

※If you missed out on the recently released decorations, well worry no more! Items such as the [Phantom Ninja Ops] and the magnificent [Dragon Palace] decorations and many more can all be found in the upcoming events! Best not miss it a second time.

Just by recharging 500 Gold and you will be able to obtain an [Advance Teleport] item along with 400 additional Gold!

But that’s not all! Continue to recharge and you will not only be able to get the Gold reward From each Tire but also loads of other unique items such as [Babe's Gift Coupon],[Godfather’s Coin], [Roadster Club Point], [Golden Gem Coupon], [30%% Attack Bonus] & [30%% Defence Bonus] and many more. Only the best deals are offered.

※Cumulative Recharge Reward Obtaining Guidance:

Click on the [Event Center]——[Cumulative Recharge] within the Turf to view the event interface. Recharge till the specified amount to collect Rebate Reward.

※Secretary’s Secret Tip:

Gold from the Exclusive Privilege, Growth Fund, Monthly and Weekly Pack won’t be accounted in the Cumulative Recharge Event; Additional gained gold from Earn Gold will also not be accounted into the event!

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