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How to make the equipment we want?


Greetings, here is the guide on how to make the equipment with the exact color we want. Many of you must wonder why on earth i cannot make a green equipment with all the green gems needed. What's wrong with the Pawnbroker???

Don't be angry. Trust me, after reading this, you can make everything in your dream! 

Let's take the CZ Scorpion Evo 3A1 Lv. 5 (Green Quantity) for example. Today, i am gonna Make this green equipment RIGHT HERE!! 

Step 1:

A green lv. 1 Gun is needed.

When you first build a Pawnbroker, system will guide you to exchange a lv.1 Gun with two existing gems in different colors. 

Tips: a white gem and a green gem cannot make a green lv.1 Gun for 100%. You might get a WHITE lv.1 equipment in this case. So if you want to make a GREEN lv.1 Gun, you need two green gems. Or prepare for the risk!
Ok, let's make assumption that we get a Green Lv.1 Gun with all the luck. Then we can take the second step. 

Step 2:
Make the Green CZ Scorpion Evo 3A1 Lv. 5.
Let me explain this to you with images.

DON'T Forget To Click Exchange!
This is today's Dream Equipment Exchange Lesson. If you like this, remember to leave a comment. Thanks!

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