Selfie With Mafia City! Loads Of Rewards!

Mafia City03/16/2018

Weekend, a time of relaxation and fun is just around the corner, our Jennifer and Catherine have even started preparing for an early weekend. Taking Selfies of themselves, under the blooming bright sun and accompanied by vast blue seas. But wait! Where are the you, Revered Bosses? Come on Bosses, it is time to show off your charms and charisma as a Mafia Leader! Great rewards also await!

Event Info:

Round1: 03/16  00:0003/19  23:59, Post your Selfies&Reply

Round2: 03/20  12:0003/23  23:59, Vote

Round3: Winner will receive rewards within the next 48 hours

Event Area: All Cities

Reward Info:

1.       General Share Reward: Each qualified entry will receive 200 Gold as reward

2.       Top 5 Reward

  No.1: 30000 Gold

  No.2: 20000 Gold

  No.3: 10000 Gold

  No.4: 5000 Gold

  No.5: 3000 Gold

Event Rule:

1.    The Selfie must include yourself and your mobile device featuring Mafia City

2.    The Selfie must be replied under the specified thread

3.    Posted Selfie must be genuine

4.    Repeated posts will be deemed invalid, and malicious posters will be disqualified

5.    At the end of Round 1, 20 Selfies will be selected by Mafia City to enter voting stage

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