March’s Cumulative Purchase! Whole New Doomsday Beast Ops & Turfs To Choose From!

Mafia City03/15/2019

Revered Leaders:


Whole New Cumulative Event Has Begun! Featuring Whole New Turf Decoration Waiting To Be Claimed! Just by purchasing Gold till the specified amount during the event and you will be able to claim awesome Rewards! General Reward upgraded again, containing even more Gems, Godfather’s Coin and etc along with a Total of 18 Ops & 14 Turf Decoration for you to choose from!

Included within the 18 crime ops effect is the newly released Doomsday Beast crime ops!

The Doomsday Beast crime ops is outlaid with fire to symbolize the might of its own. The fire can burn all the enemies; the horn can break all obstructive barriers! Join the latest Cumulative Purchase event now and obtain your own Doomsday Beast!

There are also Godfather’s Coin, Gem Coupons, Roadster Club Points and Attack/Defense Buff Items waiting for you in this Cumulative Purchase Event!




Cumulatively Purchase till 9500 Gold to obtain plenty of Resource, Purple Gem Coupons, and VIP Points

New Tier! Cumulatively Purchase till 150K Gold to obtain Golden Gem Coupon, SVIP Point, Godfather’s Coin along with loads of Metal

Cumulatively Purchase till 300K Gold to obtain the [Doomsday Beast Ops] Decoration or one of the 18 Listed Ops Decorations

New Tier! Cumulatively Purchase till 400K Gold to obtain 60% Max Crime Ops Boost along with loads of SVIP Point & Roadster Club Point!

New Tier! Cumulatively Purchase till 800K Gold to obtain 35% Attack Bonus along with Elite Blueprint, loads of SVIP Point and Roadster Club Point

Cumulatively Purchase till 1M Gold to obtain the new Permanent [Grand Elephant Palace] decoration or one of the 14 Listed Turf Decorations!




Upgraded Reward, containing even more Attack Bonus, Godfather’s Coin, Roadster Club Point, and SVIP Points only on this Cumulative Purchase Event! Whole new [Raid Capacity Boost] item is now also available in our Cumulative Purchase! All For One; One For All! For more info, kindly head to the [Event Center] within the Mansion—[Cumulative Purchase]


Secretary’s Secret Tip:


Gold from Exclusive Privilege, Growth Fund, Monthly & Weekly Packs will not be accounted into the event; Additionally Gained Gold will also not be accounted into the event.


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