Double Carnivals, Unlimited Purchase & Limited Lottery Events Have Begun!

Mafia City03/24/2019

Revered Leaders:

March Madness’ Unlimited Purchase & Limited Lottery Event Contain Better Rewards!

During the event, Purchase till the specified Gold amount to obtain Loads of awesome Gift!

Cumulatively Purchase 3000 Gold--> Advance Teleport along with loads of Resource and etc Gift
Cumulatively Purchase 5000 Gold--> Purple Gem Coupon*3 along with loads of Resource and etc Gift
Cumulatively Purchase 10000 Gold--> Purple Gem Coupon*4 +8-Hour Speedup*5+300 SVIP Point +500K Arms along with loads of Resource and etc Gift

Cumulatively Purchase 25K/50K/100K/200K Gold --> To obtain [Loads of] SVIP Point +[Loads of] Godfather’s Coin +[Even More]Leader EXP +Arms +Gold along with loads of Gift!

Cumulatively Purchase 400K/600K/850K/1.25M Gold --> To obtain [Massive Amount of] Decoration Star Up Coupon+SVIP Point +Roadster Club Point +Godfather’s Coin +2-Hour Training Speedup along with loads of Gift!

Cumulatively Purchase 1.25M Gold --> To obtain 1 Roadster Club (Gold) Point! You can continue to the next round upon completing this Tier; Unlimited Roadster Club (Gold) Point & Godfather’s Coin Just Waiting For You!

For more Tiers, kindly head to the Unlimited Purchase Event within the Swimming Pool’s Event Center for more details!

Secretary’s Secret Tip:
(1)All Tiers & Rewards will be Reset to be re-completed as well as re-claim the Rewards once you have Purchased to the highest Tier—1.25M Gold and collected all Tier’s Reward (Rewards will remain unchanged after Reset)
(2)Exceeding Gold from the previous Purchase Cycle will be accounted into the new Purchase Cycle
(3)Gold obtained from certain means will not be accounted into the event; details can be viewed at the Event Interface
(4)All the Gold you purchased can also be counted for the Limited Lottery event,1 Drawing Chip can be obtained for every 1000 Gold purchased.

340 Points in Daily Contracts every day can get a Drawing Chip as well!


Reward pool has Golden Gems, Godfather’s Coin, SVIP Points, Roadster Club Point, Advance Teleport and Roses available, each spin can accumulate Luck points that can increase the possibilities on rare rewards!


Lottery stage rewards are as follows:


Spin 150 times→[100 SVIP Point*8](worth 24,000 Gold)

Spin 300 times→[Furious Sandstorm (Permanent)]

Spin 500 times→[100 Roadster Club (Silver) Point]

Spin 800 times→[18,000 Godfather’s Coin]

Spin 1000 times→[Mega Limited Lottery Box]

(The Box contains loads of vigilante fragments for boss to select from; even the new Vigilante- Holly the Lady Boss is also available to be selected!)


Details can be checked in Event Center-【Limited Lottery】!

Have fun gaming!

Mafia City Studio


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March’s Cumulative Purchase!


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