The Eastern Wind—Jane

Mafia City05/16/2019

Revered Leader:

Jane is one of the most feared women in the world of Mafia. Enemy weapons seem like toys in comparison to her firepower! It is rumored that she came from China, but her true identity is still a mystery. She is quick-witted and highly skilled. She once single-handedly took out six men by herself. It was this incident that allowed her to become renowned. Now, she works for a company as a Secretary. However, her influence on the underworld has never wilted.

Recruit Jane to unlock the 1st Star★ and increase [Shooter Attack by 10%].

At the 2nd Star★★, Jane can reduce [(Enemy) Bulker Attack by 10%].

At the 3rd Star★★★, Jane can increase [Vigilante’s Stamina Limit by 30]. This is the most essential skill for cross-server battles.

At the 4th Star★★★★, Jane can increase [Crime Ops Capacity by 10000] when she Lead your Ops.

At 5th Star★★★★★, Jane can increase [Bulker Attack, Defense, and Health by 10%] when she Leads your Ops or is Garrisoned. Upgrading this skill to the max level can (at most) increase Bulker Attack, Defense, and Health by 30%. It is the perfect skill for countering Bikers and increasing your Bulker’s overall abilities!

She’s both fierce and quick-witted! Just Purchase one “Executive Enforcer-Jane” Pack to unlock and recruit Vigilante “Jane”!

Have fun gaming!

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Northern Godfather—Vlad

Northern Godfather—Vlad


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