☆★Liberty Torch Treasure Has Arrived!★☆

Mafia City    07/02/2021

The 4-Week long “[Liberty Torch Treasures]” is now available!

The Rules are simple; just complete as many of the 30 Daily Challenges and 27 Glorious Challenges as possible, before the event ends.

Level up your Treasure Cards. (Head to Event Center Liberty Torch Treasures →Challenges to view the listed challenges)

Event Rewards

★Once you upgrade your Simple Card to a Guest Card, you will instantly receive the acquired value of the Guest Card Rewards including the Mafian Turtle Emoticon!

★When you upgrade your Guest Card to a Black Card, you will instantly receive the acquired value of the Black Card Rewards along with Pernicious Symphony Ops Effect & Freedom Flight Title!

Extra Rewards

Open the Treasure Chest and you’ll have a great chance to obtain:

[Liberty Torch Redemption Box] which contains

Brand New [Psychedelic Deer] Turf Decoration Fragments!

Still, High-Quality Emblem Chest, Vigilante Set Equipment Redemption Box, and many more surprises Rewards await you!

The "Liberty Torch Treasure" is a limited event. Leaders don’t miss out!

Let's enjoy the treasure of Liberty and independence together!

Informant S


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