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Mafia City    03/03/2022

Greetings future Godfathers, hope you’ve been enjoying the game. In this guide, the Informant will introduce the common interfaces in-game. To get started, tap on the Avatar Frame in the upper-left corner of the main interface.

① Leader Appearance, Avatar, and Name

Your in-game name can be changed by tapping the “Paper & Pen” icon at the top of the Leader interface. The first time will be free, 200 gold is required after that.

To change your Leader Appearance and Avatar, you can tap the curved arrow icon on the right side of the Leader interface. By tapping “Upload Avatar”, you will be able to pick or take a picture and upload it. Be wary, as photos that contain abuse, violence, erotic imagery or pornography, extremist propaganda, racism, etc. will all be subject to disciplinary action. Choose carefully.

The bottom section will show you several in-game Leader Appearances to choose from. By sliding left or right you will be able to see the various Leader Appearances. After deciding on an appearance, tap on “Change Avatar” and the selected appearance will be used for your character.

② Equipment

The slots on either side of your Avatar are used to display your Equipment, we will introduce this part later.

③ Photo Wall, Power, Achievements, and more

Displayed at the center of the interface below your Avatar are various Icons. The ones generally displayed are Photo Wall, Power, Enemies Killed, and Achievements. More Icons will become available after you've unlocked access to the corresponding Cross-Server events, like City Royal, Mayor, etc.

Photo Wall: You can upload photos that will be displayed for all players to see. Only 1 photo can be displayed at a time, the Photo Wall can display multiple photos. Use the Photo Wall to express yourself and share your journey to the top of the Underworld!

The Power Icon conveniently displays your current Power. The Enemies Killed Icon displays stats related to battles you’ve won and lost, as well as the number of Crew Members you’ve lost, healed, etc, along with your current win rate, etc.

The Achievement Icon lists all the system achievements you've obtained or are on your way to achieving. Make sure to check this list regularly, as each achievement has a corresponding reward that you can claim upon completion. So, whenever you hit an important milestone, you might just have some Gold waiting for you to collect!

④ Other, Settings

At the bottom of the Avatar interface, you’ll find a way to access the various Rankings, Leader Skills, as well as the in-game Settings. Not only that, but you’ll see two progress bars. The green one displays your Leader EXP. You can tap on the “+” icon next to the bar to use EXP items.

The yellow bar displays the amount of energy you currently have. This Energy is essential for attacking Street Forces, Mercenaries, and Spying. When your Energy falls below 100, it will slowly recover back to 100 overtime.

And finally, if you tap Settings, you’ll be taken to the in-game settings menu, where you’ll have several options to choose from. Here, you can link your Account, change audio and visual settings, access the Game’s Guides, change the in-game language, and more.

⑤ How to contact the Secretary:

Tap the GM icon in Setting will lead to your Secretary. If you have met any gaming problems, feel free to contact the Secretary there. Also, you can find her beside the Radar in your base.

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