Patrick The Banker, Increase Crew Damage!

Mafia City    09/11/2019

Revered Leader:

Patrick is possibly the slickest investor Wall Street has ever known. He owns the coffee shop he regularly buys an Americano at and impresses all of his clients with his thought out suggestions. Nevertheless, this life was too easy for a man who has shot down 200 enemy planes during his time as a star aviator. Behind those persuasive eyes is a man desperate for a life of danger once again. When he's penciling in appointments, he's wishing he was stabbing enemies in the neck. When he's punching in digits, he's wishing he's pounding holes in an oppressor's chest. Needless to say, the man is on the hunt for someone who will take him up on his offer.

Recruit Patrick to unlock the 1st Star★ and increase [Bulker Defense by 5%].

At the 2nd Star★★, Patrick can increase [Bulker Attack by 10%].

At the 3rd Star★★★, Patrick can increase [Biker Health by 10%] when he Leads your Ops.

At the 4th Star★★★★, Patrick can increase [Ops Capacity by 10,000] when he Leads an Ops.

At the 5th Star★★★★★, Patrick can increase [Crew Damage by 5%] when he Leads an Ops.

Upgrading this Skill to the Max Level can (at most) increase Crew Damage by 25% when he Leads your Ops!

By purchasing the “The Banker-Patrick”, you will be able to recruit the Vigilante “Patrick”. Make use of his calculative minds to rule your City!

Have fun gaming!

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Mischievous Minx—Aniko

Mischievous Minx—Aniko


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Patrick The Banker, Increase Crew Damage!

Patrick The Banker, Increase Crew Damage!

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