Insurgent X - Violet Night

Mafia City    05/11/2020

Revered Leader:

Violet grew up in a City torn apart by war. She lost her parents hen another country invaded her hometown. From that time, she promised to continue to fight to free her conquered home. She kept moving, stayed unnoticed and silently attacked enemy forces to liberate her City. Soon after, she became famous for her victories and work with the local Mafia to free her City from their ruthless invaders. She named herself “Violet Night” the very night she worked with the Mafia to win the last battle for freedom and assassinate the enemy warlord. After freeing her city, she’s now travelling from City to City, helping other Mafia Clans and people fight for their freedom

Recruit Violet to unlock the 1st Star★ and increase [Crew Defense by 5%%].

At the 2nd Star★★, Violet can inflict a [ -5%% Defense Debuff On Enemy Members].

At the 3rd Star★★★, Violet can increase [Mercenary Ops Attack by 35%%] when she leads your Ops. Upgrading this Skill to the Max Level can (at most) increase [ Mercenary Ops Attack by 55%%].

At the 4th Star★★★★, Violet can increase [Biker & Shooter Defense by 20%%]

At the 5th Star★★★★★, Violet can increase [ Biker & Shooter Attack by 20%%]

By purchasing the “Insurgent X - Violet”, you will be able to recruit the Vigilante “Violet”. Her deadly skills will definitely help!

Have fun gaming!

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Insurgent X - Violet Night

Insurgent X - Violet Night

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