☆★Independence Day Treasure Has Arrived!★☆

Mafia City    07/03/2020

Revered Leader:

The 4-Week long “[Independence Day Treasure]”is now available!

The Rules are simple; just complete as many of the 30 Daily Challenges and 32 Glorious Challenges as possible, before the event ends.

Level up your Treasure Cards. (Head to Event Center Independence Day TreasureChallenges to view the listed challenges)

The Secretary spoke highly of your talents & couldn’t help but reveal the secret to obtaining better Rewards:

Once you upgrade your Silver Card to a Platinum Card, you will instantly receive the acquired value of the Platinum Cards Rewards!

When you upgrade your Platinum Card to a Black Card, you will instantly receive the acquired value of the Black Cards Rewards!

Activate the Platinum Card and you can receive the following Rewards:

Bald Eagle Emoticon(permanent), Liberty GiftBox*4, Independence Chest*48, Independence Key*2, 600 Godfather Coin*3, Family Gold*2500, Purple Gem Coupon, 5M Cargo*2, 800K Arms*2, 5M Cash*1, Advanced Ops Acceleration*10, Grand Emblem Chest*1, Hitman Coin*3000, Male Vigilante Fragments*500, 8-Hr Speedup*10, Premium Gem Box*5, Male Vigilante Fragments*500, Jewelry Card*250, Advanced Teleport*5, 100K Vigilante EXP*3, Silver Roadster Point*10, 200K Metal*1.

For only $4.99, you'll receive a Bald Eagle Emoticon and a Substantial Reward!

Activate the Black Card and you can receive the following Rewards:

Bunny Ops (permanent), Liberty Torch Title(permanent), Liberty GiftBox*14, Independence Chest*249, Independence Key*5, Silver Roadster Point*20, Historical Emblem Chest*2, Male Vigilante Fragments*1000, 600 Godfather Coin*6, Female Vigilante Fragments*1000, 8-Hr Speedup*20, 800K Arms*4, Hitman Coin*6000, Family Gold*6000, 5M Cargo*4, , Single Crew Training Capacity10000, 12-Hr Defense Bonus35%%, Family Token VI*4, 2-Hr Attack Bonus35%%, 200K Metal*4, Orange Gem Coupon*1, Jewelry Card*600.

For only $19.99, you can acquire a Bunny Ops (Permanent) & loads of rare items!

Open the Treasure Chest and you’ll have a great chance to obtain: Independence Redeem Box which contains Brand New [Mighty Eagle Fortress] Turf Decoration Fragments, Turf Effect Coupon, Gold Street King Exchange Coupons, and some many more surprises Rewards!

The "Independence Day Treasure" is a limited event. This is a rare opportunity that only happens once. Leaders don’t miss out!

If you have any questions, please contact the in-game GM or our official line:@mafiacitycs.

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The Governor of Mafia Battle Ended Successfully!

New Governors Arrives!


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☆★Independence Day Treasure Has Arrived!★☆

Independence Day Treasure

The Governor of Mafia Battle Ended Successfully!

New Governors Arrives!

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