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Mafia City    07/08/2020

Have you grown tired of conquering the City you currently reside in? Are you sick and tired of this City’s peaceful and quiet atmosphere? Do you desire true and brutalizing battles?

You’re in luck! The Migration Event is back and with even more features. For Cities that have participated in this event before, their citizens can also view every famous Mafia City Boss from over 800 different Cities in the rankings. This way, you will be able to know who to challenge next and who to befriend.

During this event, Clan Members can separately purchase [Clan Travel Passes] and give them to their Clan Leader so that he/she can move the Clan as well. This way, no one will have to worry about losing everything the Clan has achieved during the Migration!

Players can purchase the $19.99 or any more expensive Travel Pass Pack to get loads of [Coded Oath Gift]!

The Migration Event is separated into 3 phases:

1. Bribery Phase: you can Bribe Customs to be more inclined towards Open or Restricted Migration.

2. Exhibition Phase: Customs will make an announcement about their final decision. You can also chat with Leaders from other Cities in the group through the Chat that can be found at the bottom of the Event Interface.

3. Migration Phase: you can use Travel Passes to move into another City.

※Detailed Procedure※

★Bribery Phase★

This phase lasts 4 days.

City Leaders will need to “Bribe” the Customs of their City. The results of this will determine whether a City is open or closed to Migration. Every City will be assigned to a group. Players can only migrate to a City within the assigned group if it becomes open to Migration.

Only Leaders with Mansion at Lv. 16 or above can use Bribe Customs to make them more inclined towards “Open Migration” or “Restricted Migration”.

Leaders can Bribe Customs for FREE once every day. If a player wishes to make more Bribes afterwards, Gold will need to be spent.

[The more you Bribe, the more Gold it will cost you! (The amount will be reset daily.)]

In the end, whether a City is open to Migration or not will be determined by which decision was influenced the most by the Bribes of all participants. If the result is a draw, the City will be open to Migration by default.

The Bribery results will only affect whether players can move into a City or not. Players inside can move out normally.

★Exhibition Phase★

This phase lasts 3 days.

The Exhibition Phase will display Customs’ decision based on the Bribing results. There is a “Clan Recruitment Board” at the Clan Interface. A Clan’s R5 and R4 Members can use this board to publish their Clan’s general info for players from other Cities to see.You’ll be able to find a Chat at the very bottom of the interface. You can use this to chat with other players in the same group in order to learn about the different Cities you can join or recruit players.

★Migration Phase★

This phase lasts 7 days.

A list of Cities that are open to Migration will be displayed during this phase along with the City’s general information (City Name, Mayor, and City Flag).

By tapping the “Move” button, you will be able to see the amount of Travel Passes needed to move into a particular City. Once you are certain you want to move into a City and you have met the various requirements, you will be able to move into that City.


1. There are restrictions on the number of players that can move into another City based on Mansion Level. It will be less likely that players will be able to move into a City if that City has more players with very high-level Mansions.

2. The amount of Travel Passes needed is dependent on how well a player’s Power Ranking matches up with the Power Rankings of players who already live in the City they wish to move into. The higher your Power Ranking is compared with the players of the selected City, the more Travel Passes that will be needed.

3. Players can only migrate once during the event. As such, they can’t migrate back to the original City after moving during the same event.

4. Migration is only possible during the event.

5. During Migration, a player mustn’t be participating in Cross-Server Events. If a player is, they won’t be able to Migrate.

6. The Turf will be placed in a random location after moving to another City.

7. During Migration, everything a player owns will move too. However, all the Vulnerable Resources will be deducted from the overall stash.

8. If the Mayor or any of the City’s Officials Migrate to another City, they will be removed from those Positions. The Governor and any related Officials will only lose their Positions if they move to a City that is not part of the State they are representing!

9. If a City is also holding any events where players need to get Points and be ranked at the time of the Migration Event, the calculation of those Points and rankings in the original City will be separate from that of the new City.

※Migration Q&A※

A1: How does this event work? Do I need to move on my own or I can move with my whole clan?

Q1: The event mainly concerns individuals. Players will need to individually migrate, but a Clan can talk within the Chat and plan to leave at the same time to the same place. Alternatively, a Clan Leader can go to the Migration Interface and use a certain number of Travel Passes and Clan Travel Passes to migrate the Clan. However, the Members will not be moved with the Clan. Clan Leaders can either buy the Clan Travel Passes needed to migrate or have their members donate the ones they brought.

Q2:Will my Mansion’s Level, buildings, and Gold amount remain the same after Migrating?

A2: Gold, buildings, Crew Members, Properties, Mansion Level, and everything else will remain unchanged. Only a slight amount of Resources will be deducted from your Vulnerable Resources.

Q3:Will my Ops outside the Turf (while it is Gathering or Raiding) be brought along to the new City after Migrating?

A3:Yes, it will.

Q4:How many times can I Migrate in the event? If I Migrated during the recent Migration Event, can I still be able to Migrate in the next Migration Event?

A4:Just once during each event. Yes, you can.

Q5:The Cross-Server Rankings will count towards the original City or the new City?

A5:Your individual ranking belongs to you and has nothing to do with the City. However, in regards to City Ranking Rewards, you will only receive a Reward from the City you are in when the Reward is issued.

Q6:If I migrate, will my position as Mayor/Governor or ranking in the Tournament and Cross-Server Event be erased?

A6:All rankings in the previous City will be cleared. However, the Cross-Server rankings will remain as they are.

Q7:After successfully moving into another City, will I still be able to move back to the original City?

A7:Players can only Migrate once during the event. Once you’ve Migrated to another City, you can’t Migrate back to the previous City. However, during the next event you can still Migrate to that City if it is open to Migration.

Q8:How many Travel Passes do I need to Migrate to another City?

Q8:The amount of Travel Passes needed is dependent on how well a player’s Power Ranking matches up with the Power Rankings of players who already live in the City they wish to move into. The higher your Power Ranking is compared with the players of the selected City, the more Travel Passes will be needed. The amount of Travel Passes needed can only be seen by tapping the “View Cities” button during the Migration Phase.

Q9: Can a Clan Leader directly Migrate to another City? If not, what conditions must be met for them to Migrate?

A9: No. Players with the position of Clan Leader must first resign from that position or dismiss the clan.

Q10: Other than packs, is there another way to get Travel Passes? If they are not used up, can they be used in the next migration?

A10: At current, the Travel Passes can only be obtained by purchasing the relevant packs. The remaining Passes can be used in the next Migration.

Thank you for your attention!

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