Godfather's Wisdom--Godfather's Equipment

Mafia City    07/30/2020

Another special feature within the game that players should pay attention to is Godfather Equipment. This feature will be unlocked when your Mansion reaches Lv. 15.

You can find Godfather Equipment by going to the [Godfather Collections] section of the Casino. Godfather Equipment can be unlocked by spending Godfather Coin. (If you reset a piece of Godfather Equipment that you already own, all the Godfather Coin that was used for it will be returned to you.)

Godfather Equipment also can be graded based on their Quality and type. Different Equipment will be more useful when at different times in the game. It's a complicated matter, so we've decided to explain more about it here!

Equipment Quality: There are 5 Qualities. They are Green, Blue, Purple, Orange and Gold. Each Quality will give you different Buffs, with the later Qualities being the strongest.

Equipment Types: There are Rings, Diaries, Necklaces, Scarves, Sunglasses, Coats, Knives, Guns, Canes, and Watches.

Equipment Attributes: There are generally 2 types of Attributes, namely Fixed Attributes and Random Attributes. Random Attributes will become available once a piece of Equipment has been upgraded to the Blue Quality. The Attributes will be different for each Equipment piece.

Altering Equipment: Players can alter Godfather Equipment to get random Attributes. When there are multiple random Attributes, a Leader can choose to lock their favorite Attributes in order to save them from being altered. This is an extremely useful feature, but it will cost a good amount of Gold.

Below we will go over a few essential Godfather Equipment:

Godfather’s Ring:

This equipment has resource production and gathering, can be used to gather resource on city map.

Godfather's Diary:

This piece of Equipment helps you Train Crew Members more successfully. It can reduce how many Resources one needs to spend on Training and increase Training Speed.

Godfather's Scarf:

This piece of Equipment helps increase the Attack of your Reinforcements and Crime Ops Capacity. If this piece of Equipment is enhanced, it will also provide a Raid Capacity Buff. This is very useful for Cross Server Events!

Godfather's Coat:

This piece of Equipment can help with Attack and Defense. It is recommended that a player use the Coat at the Underground Tournament or when they attack enemy Turfs. (prioritize to use the quality which you can get Godfather's Coat first)

※For example, if you stuck at lv. 20 Purple Sunglasses. It’s better to switch your equipment to lv. 25 Blue Godfather’s Coat to get some extra buffs.

Wish you fun gaming!

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