Choose Your Family Wisely—Family Feature Intro

Mafia City    08/05/2020

Revered leader:

All powerful Bosses belong to a Family. A Family can help a player when they need it. Each Family has its own Babe, Vigilante, and Buffs.

Families and Their Buffs:

The Yakuza provide Bulker Buffs and Anti-Shooter Buffs.

The Cosa Nostra provide Biker Buffs and Anti-Vehicle Buffs.

The Geondal provide Shooter Buffs and Anti-Biker buffs.

The Bratva provide Modified Vehicle Buffs and Anti-Bulker buffs.

Family Reputation and Points:

Players who join a Family should pay attention the Reputation feature. A player will need to level-up their Reputation within the game. This can be done by giving out Family Tokens. In return, the player will be given Buffs.

For example, a player who has joined the Cosa Nostra will have increased Biker Attack and will be able to reduce the Vehicle Attack/Defense of their enemies. These Buffs will only be effective when you are a Member of the respective Family. There are 5 Reputation Levels. They are Neutral, Friendly, Respect, Honor, and Adoration. Within each of these Levels, there will be 1-5 sub-levels. You can get Reputation and Points by attacking Street Forces, killing enemy Crew Members, collecting Daily Contract Chests, and attacking Mercenaries.

Point Store:

Players can use Points at the Point Store to buy Items. A Family's Vigilante will be unlocked once you have reached Neutral +4 and a Family's Babe will be unlocked once you have reached Friendly +1. You can purchase them from the Point Store. You can also get Family Contracts to change Families or some basic development Buffs and Buffs to increase how many Family Points you can get daily.

Family Business Center:

This building is located beside your plantation. It’s very similar to the Investment Center and needs Reputation Level to unlock new Businesses you can invest in. Family Gold can then be spent to finish these Businesses in order to get Buffs. These Buffs will not be lost or replaced if you change Families. You can unlock T11 Crew Members when your Mansion reaches Elite 5 and when your Reputation reaches Neutral 4.

Family Business Zone:

This building can be placed on the Map so that it can produce Family Gold. It can be attacked and demolished. (tap the “place” button under Family Business Center to do so)

That’s all for the Family Features this time, wish you fun gaming!

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Choose Your Family Wisely—Family Feature Intro

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