Q&A: Clan Active Skills

Mafia City    08/18/2020

Revered Leader:

Lately the Secretary has received a number of inquiries concerning the new [Clan Active Skills] that was released just last week. As such the Secretary has specially prepared this article to explain the feature in detail.

Q1: How are Clan Active Skills unlocked?

The Clan Active Skills can be seen at the Clan Property & Contribution interface. To unlock them the Clan needs to first complete investing on the corresponding Clan Properties (2 in Grade 2 property, 1 in Grade 3 property, and 1 in Grade 4 Property).

Q2: How are the Clan Active Skills used?

1. After completing the investment on the corresponding [Clan Property], Clan Members need to contribute to the [Clan Active Skills] they wish to use and max it out.

2. Then the Clan’s R4 or R5 Member can active the Skills within the [Clan Active Skills] interface.

Q3: What are the Clan Active Skills’ effects?

Criminal Operation I: Increases Street Ops Speed & Attack by 10 - 50% from Levels 1-5.(10% increase per level)

Criminal Operation II: Increases Mercenary Ops Speed & Attack by 10 - 50% from Levels 1-5. (10% increase per level)

Arms Freightage I: Increases Gathering Speed (except Gold) by 10% - 50% from Levels 1-5.(10% increase per level)

Hitman Service: Increases Hitman Coin Production by 10% - 50% from Levels 1-5.(10% increase per level)

Q4: What else should I know about using these Skills?

1. Contribution is needed after a Skill has been used in order to use it again.

2. The Skill will last for 8 hours, and it can be used again after a cooldown time of 48 hours.

3. Contribution towards the Active Skills can be made during their cooldown time but the Skill cannot be activated when contribution has maxed out.


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