Attain The Dress-Up Your Babes Desire!

Mafia City    09/22/2020

Revered Leader:

Given how vast the world is there are many interesting idioms and phrases famed for the story they tell. Have Boss ever heard of “Desire Power, Desire the Beauty even more”. Given your reputation, both Power and Beauty are yours for the taking?

However, Jennifer accidentally caught on some rumors saying that some Boss has been too consumed in dominating the underworld. It would not be a good idea to ignore the Babes that have been supporting you.

♥Event Time♥
0:00, September 20th, 2020 - 23:59, September 26th, 2020(City Time)

♥Event content ♥
During the event, you can spend construction coins for event items to build the Mafia Tower.

Construction coins can be earned by purchasing gift packs and exploring mysterious mansions.

Leaders will be able to obtain a [Mafia Tower Invite] that can be used for redeeming one of the listed Celebrity Girl Group series Dress-Ups at Floor 10, 15, 20, 25 & 30.

Knowing how time-consuming the construction may be, Jennifer has specially prepared a [Construction Coin Pack] for Boss.

The 1st Pack Tier features 3,000 Gold along with 25 Construction Coins

The 2nd Pack Tier features 5,000 Gold along with45 Construction Coins

The 3rd Pack Tier features 10,000 Gold along with 70 Construction Coins

With these Packs, the Coins will no longer be an issue. However, each tier of this Pack can only be purchased once daily.

Seize the chance and get Limited Babe Costumes!

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Attain The Dress-Up Your Babes Desire!

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