It's time for the second week of Halloween events!

Mafia City    10/24/2020

Have you seen the new event? The [Halloween Code Event] is here!

Some Leaders have mentioned they are a little unclear about the event’s rules. I’ve done some investigations and managed to figure out some answers for you guys!

PLEASE NOTE: The Daily Tasks for the [Halloween Code Event] will be refreshed daily, so you should remember to complete them in time to get all the Rewards you deserve!

♦First, there will be a known Code every day. Leaders will need to defeat a set of enemies in a correct order in order to get a Magic Item.

For the other five Codes, Leaders will need to do some exploring on their own. The Codes will be refreshed on a daily basis, so please pay attention to this!

PLEASE NOTE: You can only get Magic Items by defeating the event enemies in the correct order and the Code History showing the order correctly. In the above example, if a player defeats the ghost before they try to do the known set, they will not get a Magic Item.

If a player collects 6 Magic Items, they can combine them to get a special Halloween Item. This will get them loads of Rewards.

(During the second week of the Halloween event, players can defeat the event enemies a maximum of 200 times. This is not affected by how many times you’ve taken on the normal Street Force.)

I hope this info helped!

Your Secretary


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