The 2nd Governor of Mafia Event Has Officially Ended!

Mafia City    07/16/2018

The 2nd Governor of Mafia Event Has Officially Ended. Various New Governors Shall Enter The Hall of Fame!

After a total of 8 hours of extreme and massacring battles, our recent Governor of Mafia event has finally came to an end. After an all out battle between the various Leaders, The new Governors of the 8 different States has finally emerged through the display of unmatched power! The new Governors are as follows:

Glorioso— City 39’s [風雲殺手 (FHS)]

Abisko— City 72’s [Maydie (BVL)]

Golden Triangle— City 126’s [Sir Jose (GFI)]

Los Altos— City 129’s [維拉 (Eri)]

Sicilia— City 29’s [MG 至尊 (KTV)]

Puerto Varas— City 28’s [DreamYang (MOB)]

Achilles— City 73’s [命名为 (Ace)]

Porto— City 80’s [XTH GUALA (BOM)]

Other than congratulating the new Governors, reviving the Loss Crew is also an very important task. As such Secretary shall be explaining the rules and usage of the Medical Certification to revive Loss Crew in Governor of Mafia event. Leaders that did not win the current Governor, kindly don’t be discouraged and look forward to the next time event!

Loss Crew from within Governor of Mafia event will be sent to the First Aid Centre, and then separated into the City Emergency Medical Centre (EMC) & the Personal Intensive Care Unit (ICU) department in accordance to ratio. The First Aid Center will be opened for a total of 3 days after the Governor of Mafia event has ended.

※City Emergency Medical Centre (EMC): EMC is a place where a portion of all the leaders’ (only leaders from same city) Loss Crew in the Governor of Mafia event are sent to. After the First Aid Centre is closed, Loss Crew will be revived and returned to their respective turf in accordance ratio of the total amount of Medical Certification used within 3 days. (The more Medical Certification used by whole City, the higher the Reviving ratio)

※Personal Intensive Care Unit (ICU): ICU is where the rest of the Loss Crew in Governor of Mafia event is sent to. For each Medical Certification used a certain amount of Loss Crew will be revived.

The 3rd Governor of Mafia event will begin its Preparation Phase after 28 days, in which even more Cities will be joining in the events! Battle will only get more exciting, extreme and heated! Leaders can use this time to become stronger and anticipate the arrival of the 3rd Governor of Mafia event!

More details regarding the First Aid Centre & Governor of Mafia’s rule can be viewed at the Swimming Pool’s Event Center.

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Mafia Domination! Governor of Mafia!

Mafia Domination! Governor of Mafia!


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