Rabbits, Eggs, and More!

Mafia City    04/02/2021

The Easter 2021 Event has begun! Take a look at what is to come!

Grand Easter 2021 Carnival (Week I)

Event Duration: Apr 2nd, 2021 at 00:00 – Apr 8th, 2021 at 23:59 (City Time)

Pre – Easter Fiesta

Complete event exclusive tasks to claim awesome rewards including [Easter Egg] & [Easter Key]!

NOTE: The time-limited events can only be completed within the first week! Pay attention to the Login events and remember to login daily to get Rewards!

Easter Egg Hunt

In Celebration of Easter, the Turf has been decorated with Easter Baskets. Tap on them to get awesome surprises!

Clan Treasury

Leaders can open Egg Souvenirs and get Rewards. Leaders will be able to get Personal and Clan Rewards. Call on your Clan Members to participate in this event and get tremendous Rewards!

By the way, you can get 2,900 Personal Points to obtain the [Easter Shower Turf Effect (Permanent)].

Open a Bronze Egg Souvenir – 1 Point

Open a Silver Egg Souvenir – 3 Points

Open a Gold Egg Souvenir – 100 Points

Event Ranking and Rewards:

Top 3 Ranking Clans (City): [Easter 2021 Name Tag]

Top 4 Ranking Clans (Global): [Easter 2021 Badge] & [Easter 2021 Chat Bubble]

Top 3 Ranking Leaders (City): [Easter 2021 Avatar Frame]

Top 3 Ranking Leaders (Global): [Easter Souvenir Small Collection]

Top 4 -10 Ranking Leaders (Global): Leader Appearance [Mr. Rabbit]

Don’t miss on a chance to get load of Rewards by participating in the event. Tell your Clan Members to participate in the event for great Rewards together!

Happy Holidays!

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