Full burst! Vigilante Equipment Set is coming!

Mafia City    08/22/2018

Invincible Battle Wears! Whole New Vigilante Equipment System Has Arrived!

On the night of August 21st, a feast was held within the sinful City by Maroni’s handyman at a Local Hotel to celebrate the returns of the leaders participating in the Governor of Mafia event. As the nights deepened with beverage and brews, 2 mysterious individuals wearing black hooded sweater and sunglasses crept amongst the crowds that were busy toasting with Maroni. As they draw closer towards Maroni, they brought out their guns equipped with suppressor raising it and fired. The room went silent as cold bodies dropped to the ground but neither of these were Maroni, instead they were the bodies of Maroni. It was then that Maroni felt cold as he realized that just moments ago assassins were with the same room as him, but cold instantly turned furry as Maroni realized something else. The dead bodyguards were not just any bodyguards; they were the one assigned to protect a case containing a newly invented weapon that is nowhere to be seen.

News of attempt on Maroni spread like wild fires covering every corner of the sinful City, Mafia City.

Many forces and organization began to stir as they attacked most of Maroni’s Nightclub like the calm before a hurricane.

One of Maroni’s executive even held a press conference in which he announced that no matter who, anyone that goes against them will be dealt mercilessly. A reward was also put out for the capture, dead or alive, of the 2 mysterious individual.

At the same time, Angie and Bruce Ip managed to obtain the secretly invented weapon—※Vigilante Equipment Set※ that is capable of greatly improving their abilities. Previously Maroni killed their family, now they swore to have him pay with Blood!

Equip Your Vigilante, Obtain Power And Dominate All of Mafia City!

The New Vigilante Equipment Set Pack on sale now contains all the necessary materials like rare Gems and corresponding Blueprints needed to exchange the Vigilante Equipment. With Just 3 Pack and you will have enough material (excluding Normal Gems) to exchange for one piece of Golden Vigilante Equipment.

The Golden [Harley Set] can greatly strengthen your Bikers with the following Attributes:

When Vigilante Leads Crime Ops:

Biker Attack +27%

Biker Health +16% 

Biker Defence +20% 

The Golden [Extremist Set] can greatly strengthen your Bulkers with the following Attributes:

When Vigilante Leads Crime Ops:

Bulker Attack +14%

Bulker Health +18% 

Bulker Defence +19%

Damage Received By Bulker -10%

It is time to reward your Vigilante!

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The 3rd Governor of Mafia Event Has Officially Ended !

The 3rd Governor of Mafia Event Has Officially Ended !


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